Omaha’s Coffee Gems

As a busy college student who also works 25-30 hours a week, you can imagine I am pretty dependent on caffeine. Finding great spaces to get work done and enjoy a coffee is a necessity. Recently, I’ve had friends ask where the best coffee shops are in Omaha. Because I’ve become so familiar with several around … [Read more…]

December Favs | Makeup, brushes, & more

Recently people have been asking me what I do in my spare time. After thinking about it, I realized I spend SO much time on YouTube watching makeup tutorials and may/may not have my Sephora VIB Rouge for next next year already (sorry mom!). I’m not sure how many can relate, but I absolutely positively … [Read more…]

My New Marble Laptop Case

I’ve been looking for a marble case for the LONGEST time and I finally found the perfect one! Check it out on Amazon (it’s only $20!).

I got a Motion Lens!

Say hello to my new Moment lens! For awhile I’ve been looking for portable equipment that I can take to California this summer in order to keep filming for my WOT blog. Without a firm handle on what was happening, I reached out in hopes of being able to try a lens. They said they believed … [Read more…]

Life stuff: come to work with me!

Come to work with me at Flywheel! Flywheel is a delightful WordPress hosting and management platform built specifically for designers and agencies. Here’s a look at our office in Omaha, NE! Looking for an awesome place to work?  

What I Learned at Y-Combinator’s Female Founders Conference

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend Y Combinator’s Female Founders conference in San Francisco thanks to the amazing company I work for, Flywheel. Here are some things that resonated with me: Culture is tough choices. No assholes. Having an ongoing love for startups and entrepreneurship, I’ve been paying close attention to companies and how … [Read more…]

Learning to code: Which language to start with.

Looking to learn to code? Here are some of my favorite sites: Paid Treehouse – I used Team Treehouse when I started my SWE internship at Flywheel last summer. Flywheel is a Ruby shop and I had never worked with the language before. With Treehouse, I was able to learn Ruby + Ruby on Rails … [Read more…]