Recently people have been asking me what I do in my spare time. After thinking about it, I realized I spend SO much time on YouTube watching makeup tutorials and may/may not have my Sephora VIB Rouge for next next year already (sorry mom!). I’m not sure how many can relate, but I absolutely positively have a makeup problem (a good problem in my eyes hehe).

I’ve never really talked about makeup before on my blog, so I have a lot to catch ya’ll up on! This post will be about my “December Favorites,” basically makeup + brushes I am obsessed with at the moment. Ready or not here we goooo!

Lancôme CILS BOOSTER XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base


My absolute favorite is first! I never had used an eyelash primer before this one. One of my favorite bloggers posted about it and she always has the fiercest eyelashes. A good mascara goes a long ways; however, pair it with an eyelash primer and you’ll strike gold! Before this primer, my mascara would always get EVERYWHERE and slide off. Now I have absolutely zero problems and even get stopped by people asking if I was wearing false eyelashes! I cannot speak more highly of this product. Totally worth the chunk of change!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit


Next is my preferred contour kit! I always use the bottom middle shade when contouring and find it super easy to blend. I very much recommend pairing this kit with the NARS brush below.

NARS Kabuki Ita Brush



This is the ONLY contouring brush I will use. You can mess up contouring in SO many ways. However, this brush will save you 99% of the time. You just find the angle you want to contour and the brush takes care of the rest!

BECCA Backlight Priming Filter


I’m out of this primer but it is seriously was the greatest! It gives just the right amount of glow and still keeps your skin matte. I have really dry skin and this primer keeps my skin super hydrated.

Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Crème


I will never use another concealer in my life. I know SO many people rave about NARS concealer. But, this concealer is 10x better. It has just the right amount of coverage and doesn’t dry out my skin. Be sure and set it with the Laura Mercier powder below!

Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder


This setting powder is magic! My face isn’t complete until I set my foundation and concealer with this. I never like my face to shiny and I feel it keeps it matte while still adding some life.

Kat Von D Lock-It Hydrating Primer


Like I mentioned before, I have super dry skin. I have a great facial moisturizer that I LOVE, although I find it is always good to pair it with a primer before starting my concealer and foundation. This primer is very hydrating and keeps my makeup from slipping. I have just recently become a HUGE fan of Kat Von D- I use her foundation, concealer, and primer in combination. If you have dry skin and you are looking for a primer- this one is for you!

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection


If you haven’t heard the rave about this highlighter you’ve probably been living under a rock. Normally, I hate hate hate following crowd fads; however, this was an exception. If you are looking for a highlighter- look no further.

Kiehl’s Since 1851 Ultra Facial Moisturizer


If you suffer from dry skin- this product will be your best friend! I just purchased it a couple weeks ago and I am in LOVE. I have tried a lot of different facial cremes, but I’ve found I really like facial liquid lotion better. This product really sinks into your skin and hydrates.

Kiehl’s Since 1851 ‘Midnight Recovery’ Eye Concentrate


I purchased this eye creme along with the facial moisturizer I mentioned above and have to say I cannot give you a 100% honest rating yet because eye cremes take time to see results. HOWEVER, one of my all-time favorite makeup bloggers Kathleen Lights talked very very very highly of this product. She said she uses it, her friends use it, her mom uses it- THEY ALL USE IT. In two weeks or so I will update this blog post with results. But, as for now, I am hoping for the best because I’ve heard the best.

ColourPop Trap Ultra Matte Lip


In love. No other words can describe how I feel about the next two lip colors. So I have some friends who RAVE about Kylie Jenner’s new makeup line. There was SO much fuss about her new matte lipsticks coming out- I’m pretty sure they sold out in like 15 seconds. I have never personally tried Kylie’s matte lipsticks because it was a HUGE fad (not about that) and it was like 25 dollars?! I just wasn’t about it. After watching several videos online, I came across a pattern- many many YouTubers were using ColourPop as a “dupe” for the formula. Turns out is a ridiculously awesome dupe. Almost too good to be true dupe. A fourth of the price dupe. Well, it is true folks. My favorite matte lip stick has almost the same formula as Kylie’s. Try it out- you will not be disappointed! Trap is a super browny mauve color that is literally my dream shade.

ColourPop Midi Ultra Matte Lip



*Repeats what was said in the above post.* Another lighter matte shade. I wear Midi when I want natural looking makeup, but I want to look like I have some sort of lipstick on.



I found the greatest foundation brush for an amazing price (YAY!). I have been watching A LOT of makeup brush tutorials and stumbled across this beaut. If you are used to using a beauty blender, this brush will give you a lot more coverage and waste a lot less makeup. I use the beauty blender when I want a super natural sheer coverage with my foundation. However, if I am going out or using concealer to hide flaws, I use this guy! Morphe as a company has a super neat story and is a third of the price of the raved about MAC brushes. If you are looking for new brushes be sure to stop by online or in-store!