Horizon’s School of Technology


  •  Selected as 1 of 18 to partake in an immersive 1000-hour full stack software engineering course focused on project-based front-end and back-end web and mobile development in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • Developed using React, React-Native, Redux, Express, MongoDB, SQL, Postgres, among other technologies

Amazing students make Horizons. Past student accomplishments include: perfect scores on the SAT and ACT, winning a National Math Competition, membership in the USA Computing Olympiad team, building a site with >100,000 uniques in a single day, and more.

More info can be found at joinhorizons.com.

From Jan 2018 to Apr 2018



Co-Founder and Chief of Product

  • Developed and bootstrapped an online women’s clothing business
  • Awarded first place at the university business plan competition, launched the online store the following day, and broke even two days later

From Mar 2017 to Present



Web Developer

  • Created custom WordPress site that led to a 50% increase in prospects and conversions
  • Developed an internal admin front-end using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

From Sept 2017 to Dec 2017



Product Management Intern

  • Worked directly with users and key stakeholders to uncover unmet needs in the hosting industry
  • Collaborated with product designers to implement specifications and move prototypes forward
  • Coordinated product rollouts with the marketing, sales, customer success, and support teams
  • Tracked and communicated metrics weekly to founders and team

From Sept 2016 to May 2017


Apple, Inc.

UX Prototyping Intern

  • Worked as an engineer and designer on the IS&T User Experience team

  • Developed a solution to a widespread problem at Apple after completing multiple iterations of user research, strategy, and prototyping

  • Produced low and medium fidelity prototypes using Keynote and high-fidelity prototypes using Swift

From Jun 2016 to Aug 2016



Software Engineering Intern

  • Fabricated internal web apps that directly impacted engineering and support, improving efficiency and lowering churn
  • Created internal dashboards using Trello and ZenDesks’ API to display pertinent information, such as malware
  • frequency, project status, and on-call statistics
  • Produced multiple custom integrations using Slacks’ API to relay queue numbers and customer satisfaction ratings
  • Constructed an internal stats page using HighCharts reporting churn, ARR, MRR, etc. on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis
  • Developed a DNS status tool available at app.getflywheel.com/dns
  • Built a tool that collects metrics pertaining to customer satisfaction following an interaction with the support team

From May 2015 to May 2016