As a busy college student who also works 25-30 hours a week, you can imagine I am pretty dependent on caffeine. Finding great spaces to get work done and enjoy a coffee is a necessity. Recently, I’ve had friends ask where the best coffee shops are in Omaha. Because I’ve become so familiar with several around town, I thought it’d be best to share my top four with the world. Enjoy!

Aromas (Benson, Downtown, Flagship Commons)


If I were to recommend one coffee shop in all of Omaha that you should visit, Aromas is 100% it. I have known the owner, Autumn Pruitt, for quite some time. Her perseverance and openness to new ideas is something I very much respect and look up to. Aromas isn’t “just a coffee shop.” You can tell they are receptive to customer opinions and always looking to raise the bar.

Aromas is perfect for meeting with a friend and/or cranking out some work. They have numerous tables and outlets (super big plus for me), their coffee is phenomenal, and I’m convinced their cinnamon rolls are the best in Omaha. They are INSANE!!! Shopping at Westroad’s Mall? Stop by Flagship Commons Aromas for coffee AND Ted & Wally’s ice cream. In shock? Yup, so was I.

Aromas Flagship Commons
Aromas Flagship Commons

I cannot say better things about Aromas. Next time you are downtown, in Benson, or shopping at Westroad’s Mall, be sure to stop by and grab a coffee.

Beansmith (Downtown)


Beansmith is one of my FAVORITE coffee shops downtown. The environment is super relaxed and cozy. The design of the space is super well done. If you ever want to run into a Flywheeler, head on over to Beansmith! The coffee shop is a block down from our office and we are constantly in and out for coffee breaks.


I highly recommend Beansmith’s Vietnamese coffee. It can be a little strong though, so coffee newbies beware!

Archetype (Blackstone)

Archetype has recently become a favorite spot of mine. This past Sunday, I dropped in to work on a paper and the place was popping! Everyone and their dog was there. No, for real, they let people bring their dogs. I am a huge fan of Archetype. It is a super welcoming space with a great caffeine selection.

Archetype is truly a gem of Blackstone. If you are ever in the area, be sure to stop by!

Roast (Aksarben)

I live closest to Roast so I stop by quite frequently. I have become really good friends with some of the baristas there. Overall, I really enjoy Roast. They have great coffee and wonderful croissants.


However, BEWARE. They do not have outlets (yes, I know heartbreaking). Be sure and charge your laptop to its max because once you are out of juice, you are out of luck. They actually lock their outlets on purpose- to keep customers on their toes and not in their space for long periods of time.