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In Search of the Horizon

A React Native app created exclusively for Horizon alumni in order to alert them of valuable connections nearby.

Horizons has been spitting out successful Horizonites for several years now. Some ended up in random cities, but most exist as clusters in cities such as SF, NYC, Seattle, etc.

Because connections are arguably one of the most valuable ROI’s of the program, it is important to keep tabs on fellow Horizonites- especially ones nearby. In Search of the Horizon makes certain each Horizonite is aware of the Horizon community that surrounds them every single day.

Safety Reports Admin

A web app that allows customer admin’s to make changes that affect their fellow employees using Safety Reports.

Languages: HTML/CSS, JS


Safety Reports Website

A marketing site that advertises the Safety Reports app.

Platform: WordPress



An online store developed to empower women and encourage them to live their lives with boldness.

Platform: Shopify


Flywheel DNS Checker

A web app that checks the DNS status of any web address entered using Flywheel’s product API.

Languages: HTML/CSS, JS, Ruby


Brand Detect

An iOS app that used an image recognition API to detect logos in photos uploaded to Twitter. Following recognition, the app tagged the brand in the photo accordingly and logged data useful for brands.

Languages: Objective C, Swift



An iOS app that encouraged in-person networking by tracking each person’s five top traits and alerting them of others who shared the same when close in proximity.

Languages: Objective C, Swift


The Calorie Gallery

An iOS game created using GameSalad used to raise awareness of the calories in foods.

Languages: Drag & Drop logic